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“Damned if we do, Damned if we don’t” – Is 15M on day 1 bad for @Surface Sales?


So the much awaited Surface Pro was launched on Saturday and I was having fun watching the excitement from the sidelines, till the tweets about ‘Sell out’ started trickling in. Funniest was one from Jeff Attwood!

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First Surface RT Update - Error 8024004C


If you just got your Surface RT recently (let's just say starting December 5, 2012...) and try to run windows update you might get an error with the cryptic code 8024004C. As of typing this, it's 'unreported' in Google or Bing. I got it and was initially worried but I looked at the list of updates and saw the Firmware update in the list of scheduled updates. I unchecked the Firmware update and kept the optional update of Microsoft Office unchecked, Re-Tried updating and the updates worked. I am assuming the Firmware update needs some of the other updates to be in place. The updates are still going on. Will update this post, when I am able to install the firmware update!

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