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Wrexit, Fediverse and 'taking back control'


If you are wondering what on the earth is Wrexit, that's my twisted take on moving my blog from WordPress to self hosted, self built static website based on the very nice library called Poet. Last month I quit Twitter and finally was able to join Mastodon and then got to know what is Fediverse. Fediverse or Federated universe is the virtual land of Federated online presence built mostly around the ActivePub protocol. As to taking back control that's another twisted take for moving my content away from VC based big social to smaller self hosted niches.

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QuickBytes: Who's afraid of Github? (Downloading code without cloning)


I often get mails requesting for code in zip files, even though almost all my code is in Github. The articles I wrote of and are pretty much all in their respective Github Repositories. Often newbies are a little confused/scared of Github and leave the sample alone assuming they have to do ‘complex’ things like have Github account/client to get the code.

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HACKED! Trials of self hosting


Okay folks, for the last two days (April-May 2012) my domain was hacked and was showing a hackers' page!  As soon as I found out I redirected my domain to this blog instead of the hacked name servers of dotnet-host.

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Changes are coming!!!


Dear readers, some exciting changes are coming to

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The Blog a Week Challenge!


At beginning of the year, Wordpress was kind enough to send me a report of my Blog’s status. The saddest part of the report was the fact that I had blogged a total of 4 times in the year. It took a while to digest and actually before I could digest it Wordpress threw the Blog a Day and Blog a week challenge at all it’s bloggers.

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Finally I start blogging


Finally I have moved my lazy bum enough to register for myself a blog space, registered a domain name and... I have my own site on the net.... next question... now what?

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