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Recovering a failed Unifi Controller installation


I had my Unifi Controller on a Raspberry Pi 4B+ using a Sandisk 64Gb USB stick. A couple of months ago, after an unexpected electricity failure the Controller just went offline as in I couldn't access the website any more. Thus it went to the top of list of home IT management tasks these holidays. Step 1 was identifying what is wrong with the Pi to being with.

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Setting up a Makibes (Waveshare) 1024x600 touchscreen with your Raspberry Pi Zero


I have been eyeing a touchscreen to go with one Raspberry Pi from my collection (O_o), for a while now. The official Raspberry Pi screen is perpetually out of stock and backordered for months. The resellers are charging a hefty markup. Only option left was a third-party screen. After a lot of deliberations I settled down on this screen by WaveShare\_HDMI\_LCD\_%28C%29

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Controlling Relays from the web using a Pi, OWIN, Mono and SignalR


In my previous article I built a C# library to communicate with the GPIO ports of the Raspberry Pi 2 (and Raspberry Pi B+). We also built a small console application to trigger the ports. While the console application was a nice proof of concept, the real fun is when you are able to flip switches from remote locations (when not at home, over phone etc. etc.) As a first attempt at this I built a OWIN based self hosting web site that communicates with the Pi over HTTP using SignalR.

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Getting started with Internet of things using a Raspberry Pi 2 and Mono


Some of you may have spotted my previous experiments with the $35 wonder computer that's the Raspberry Pi. I have since then added two more Raspberry Pies to my collection. One goes into the amazeballs Diddyborg (by @Pi_Borg) and the other one is a the latest and greatest Raspberry Pi 2 bought on the day of launch in early February.

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Solved: Windows 8 does not recognize DLNA Media Servers


Previously I have blogged about how I converted my Raspberry Pi into a DLNA Media Server. When we moved to UK I brought along my media server and it was up in a jiffy. However, yesterday, when I sat down to build my long pending Windows 8 Media Client on my rebuilt Windows 8 VM, it simply wouldn’t show the MediaPi (name of my Media Server) when I selected ‘Computer’ in Windows Explorer.

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Completing my Pi powered personal (Media) cloud


In my previous article I had mentioned how I setup a Samba based file server using my Raspberry PI to share media across my computers in my home network. It works fine, but still it’s not really streaming the media and I figured out that I still couldn’t use my media via the XBox because XBox doesn’t work with Network shares unless they are over UPnP. So the next quest was to setup a UPnP server on my Pi.

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My Raspberry Pi Powered ‘Personal Cloud’


Have been meaning to put this post together for a while, but I wanted my setup to stabilize a bit to gain confidence that it ‘works’. Now that I’ve been using this for over two months and things have stabilized time to put it down.

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