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Recovering a failed Unifi Controller installation


I had my Unifi Controller on a Raspberry Pi 4B+ using a Sandisk 64Gb USB stick. A couple of months ago, after an unexpected electricity failure the Controller just went offline as in I couldn't access the website any more. Thus it went to the top of list of home IT management tasks these holidays. Step 1 was identifying what is wrong with the Pi to being with.

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Trying to upgrade SSD on an old MBP... and failing


I usually take good care of my electronic stuff and they last me a bit. So it is no surprise I am writing this post on my 7 years old Mid 2015 MacBook Pro. This is a Core i7 with 16Gb memory and (unfortunately) 256 Gb SSD. I can go to certain lengths for Apple h/w for their quality but pay 3-5x markup for storage capacity was where I drew the line.

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Wrexit, Fediverse and 'taking back control'


If you are wondering what on the earth is Wrexit, that's my twisted take on moving my blog from WordPress to self hosted, self built static website based on the very nice library called Poet. Last month I quit Twitter and finally was able to join Mastodon and then got to know what is Fediverse. Fediverse or Federated universe is the virtual land of Federated online presence built mostly around the ActivePub protocol. As to taking back control that's another twisted take for moving my content away from VC based big social to smaller self hosted niches.

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#MeToo - Things men should get, but don't!


Last weekend I was faced with (what I thought) was my first #metoo moment. An incident when a lady says "no" and a guy continues to be inconsiderate and idiotic! Then, when pointed out, instead of apologising, walks away pretending to be offended.

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