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QuickBytes: Hacking up the color of a WinRT ProgressBar


WinRT never ceases to throw a curveball at the you. I was trying to change the default ‘Violet’ color of the ProgressBar and ProgressRing to something more ‘in tune’ with my app’s style, but the only ‘violet’ color visible was the Foreground property, but changing it did nothing to change the color of the ‘running dots’.

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How to renew Windows Store Developer account (Specially if the card you used initially has expired)


Time has come when I should put this down on the interwebs for people to find easily. Given that Windows 8.1 is due and Windows Store is a little over a year old now, lots of people will be running into this issue. I had a horrid time renewing my Windows 8 Store Developer account mostly because of Microsoft’s shitty support site implementation which repeatedly misguides you. So here is what you have to do when you receive a mail from MS saying your store account is up for renewal (usually sent one month in advance).

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