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Why it is Windows vs. Mobile OS(es) and how OEMs are killing Windows


Sometime back I read an awesome story on how Microsoft turned it’s first OS licensing deal around and owned the PC market right under from IBM’s nose! It was a history of OS/2!

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How to renew Windows Store Developer account (Specially if the card you used initially has expired)


Time has come when I should put this down on the interwebs for people to find easily. Given that Windows 8.1 is due and Windows Store is a little over a year old now, lots of people will be running into this issue. I had a horrid time renewing my Windows 8 Store Developer account mostly because of Microsoft’s shitty support site implementation which repeatedly misguides you. So here is what you have to do when you receive a mail from MS saying your store account is up for renewal (usually sent one month in advance).

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