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...and they all come down...


By Sumit

First time since I installed Vista, it crashed yesterday. What was I doing? Burning a DVD :-( . On inserting the blank DVD I was asked what would I like to do with it. I wanted to create a Multisession DVD and selected appropriately. While trying to burn the second session I canceled the burning immediately after I started. It created only a couple of folders. Next I again dragged dropped and canceled again (dropped at the incorrect folder). This time it copied two small files. Finally when I drag dropped the correct folder at the correct location on the DVD it burnt it halfway and froze. There was no DVD activity and I couldn't kill the process. It wouldn't even shutdown the machine. Had to use the hardware 'reset' button to restart my machine.

Since then no more burning using Windows. Used ImgBurn to create an ISO Image first and then burn it using ImgBurn itself. Excellent tool.

The honeymoon with Vista is coming to an end. The 'Aero' effects are no longer consolation for the innumerable extra clicks I've to do for all those stupid popups. Still the last hope is the fact that it might be a little more secure than previous versions of windows. The free edition of AVG antivirus is still holding on.

I find most standard operations with respect to file transfer/copy/install, slower than my Win2003 Server Laptop with half the memory.

So much for Windows Vista as of now.

P.S. Doesn't seem to play any avi file thru Media Player. I've resigned myself to use VLC player.