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Downloading Windows Store Apps after a busted Windows 8 Update


By Sumit

Reports indicate that Microsoft has recently busted the Windows 8 and Windows Store update process. I didn't realize that was the case till I read this report by longtime MS watcher Mary Jo.

Well apparently my Surface's update mechanism is completely borked. When I click on Check for updates from the control panel it hangs explorer and I have not been able to download Windows store apps for a while.

Possible Workaround

If you have a healthy Windows 8 machine and a broken one both using the same Microsoft Account to access the store you can do the following.

  1. Download the Store app you want on your healthy machine.
  2. On your broken machine start the Store app.
  3. Use context menu to visit 'Your Apps'
  4. Select the app that you recently downloaded in step 1 and install it. If you don't see the newly downloaded app in your list, give it a few minutes to refresh/sync and then try again.

YMMV – Your mileage may vary

I used this till yesterday and it was working but it seems to be busted now. I cannot see my Apps in the store at the moment.


Just rebooted the Surface and it seems I can see my Apps now. Not sure for how long.

Also it seems I can install new apps directly too. Damn I am confused now.

Microsoft you just lost your AutoUpdate privileges

Staying in regions with poor internet kind of preps you in certain ways. For example, I never use 'web installers' to install software. Prefer to download iso or exe files fully before initiating installs. I assumed Microsoft would take enough care to resume patch downloads correctly, but apparently some didn't go well. So my AutoUpdate will now be dialed down to 'Download and let me know' when updates are available.