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I Like Hulu :)


By Sumit

We've (at least in the Bay Area) have all seen ads of Hulu ( where Alec Baldwin claims they are from out of the world and here to take it over :).

Last week I finally managed to get to the site and I was surprised. Really really surprised, they had latest episodes of House, 24, Fringe and some very nice movies. The video quality was awesome (HD shows are phenomenal but it still takes the toll on cable internet and stutters a little bit). So when I went back to Idaho, I introduced my wife to Hulu (we don't have a TV yet - yes there are people in the world without a TV). We had fun watching some of the movies on Hulu.

This week I missed all my favourite shows on TV, thanks to work. So since yesterday evening I've been busy! Stayed up late last night watching the latest episode of 24, then moved on to Fringe and caught up with all the episodes I had missed in the past. Well what can I say, I am hooked.

The little green men have got me... ;)