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Making of an "Apple" convert...


By Sumit

It's really a long story, but to cut is short, I've fallen in love with the ... you guessed it... iPhone.

For the past 3 months I've wanted to own one, but have put it off as rumors of a newer... better iphone got stronger by each passing day. I scoured the net, read each blog and looked forward to what every "Apple" fanboy worth their salt hoped - Announcement of the new iPhone at WWDC. The day came and I followed it on twitter and rushed to order my piece as soon as it got announced.

Alas, Apple and ATT denied me the pleasure of buying/pre-ordering it online and smacked me with a $200 'deposit' after the $299 for the 32 GB 3GS. Instead I was politely told to come to the store and pick it up.

Finally the last night is here, I've stopped working from the beginning of the week, eagerly (eager being a mellow way to describe it) feeding on each scrap of information available. Even went out and checked out the nearby ATT store, and confirmed with a friend as to where would be a good place to go first up on the day of the event!!! Today morning I surprisingly got a mail from Apple Store reminding me to pickup my 'reserved' phone. That kind of ended the dilemma and I have now decided to head of the Valley fair Apple Store in San Jose, first thing in the morning (an hour's travel including 25 minutes of walking, yes I don't have a personal vehicle in the US of A). Even now as I scour through tweets and live streams I hope and pray that I am in time to get my precious little iPhone tomorrow itself. Aah the wait!!!

As I go to sleep, I believe the 'conversion' is complete... Another apple convert is born!!!

7hours and 33 minutes to go before the iPhone 3GS is launched in the Bay Area...