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Microsoft’s $900MM Debacle–Surface RT


By Sumit

Last night I heard Microsoft is taking a $900 Million charge on Surface RT this quarter. A billion in a otherwise very healthy quarter is a bit much for MS as well. Needless to say haters are rolling on the floor laughing with their “I told you so” comments!

As someone who totally loves my Surface RT I cannot help but defend my fondleslab, but I know too well that Microsoft bit off a lot more than it could chew with Windows 8. The $900 charge is a course correction to hopefully saner pricing levels, distribution strategy and inventory management.

Here’s to hope that Windows 8.1 will deliver what 8.0 failed. Initial results looks promising in the 8.1 Preview. Keeping fingers crossed!

Haters will hate but the show will go on!

Time for me to go build a few apps for my beloved RT!