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Personal: Back to India


By Sumit

About four years ago I had written this post saying we had moved to USA for about a year! Well a year turned into two, then three and finally with the fourth year running we finally managed to moved back to India again :).

In these 3+ years we had a fabulous adventure (there isn't another word to describe it). Praji (my better half) was working in Nampa, Idaho initially and I was working in San Jose, CA and our little toddler was coming to grips with the big world at 2 years and few months. I could meet them only once every two weeks over weekends. From Nampa we moved to Boise and subsequently I was able to 'afford' thrice a month trips to Boise. This continued for a year and a half, till her project got over. It was tough all around specially not staying together. But we hung around (adventure remember!). At this point we almost decided to come back. As things would turn out this was only a pause in the adventure. After a month and a half break, Praji found a project in Sacramento, CA. I told myself, well 2 hours of traveling to work is rather common in India, heck I could do it in US. Thus began the next stage of our adventure.

For another year and a few months, we were all staying together in Sacramento, CA while I traveled 4-5 times a week to San Jose. Slowly I was able to work from home a little more and the trips went down to 2-3 times a week (thank you Boss). Even then it was tough. I loved my 2000 Camry for doing about 60K+ miles in little over a year!!!

Finally Praji's Visa went up for renewal and eventually got rejected and she had to move back early December 2011. That set the countdown for me to come back. After hanging around for four more months doing a rather interesting project, I decided it was time to end this adventure. I left US on April 19, 2012 and now I am happily back in Pune, India.

In between this adventure we visited so many places in US and collected so many wonderful memories that will be with us forever.

I am starting on another interesting challenge here now (what's life without adventure ;) ...), details of which will slowly come out as things happen. But it definitely does not involve living away from family for any prolonged duration for sure!!!