The Lazy Blogger

The Blog a Week Challenge!


By Sumit

At beginning of the year, Wordpress was kind enough to send me a report of my Blog’s status. The saddest part of the report was the fact that I had blogged a total of 4 times in the year. It took a while to digest and actually before I could digest it Wordpress threw the Blog a Day and Blog a week challenge at all it’s bloggers.

I won’t contemplate the blog a day challenge considering I find it hard to ‘tweet a day’, but I told myself I could blog once a week. Not could I HAD to blog once a week.

Well the first month is almost over and unless I put up three more articles in the next few hours I am –3 in the first month of my blog a week challenge too! That is a shame. But I am not giving up. Proof is this filler article that’s nothing but a personal rant, a public acceptance of the challenge, it might just spur me to do better!

BTW my first article of the year wasn’t on my blog but on It’s a Sharepoint article. I’ve written two on dotnetcurry so far. The third one is in the works.