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Visiting Swindon, UK


By Sumit

Okay folks, we have moved out of the country again. Something we thought we wouldn't really do after our US adventure.

But Praji got an opportunity to be on a Team of S/w Architects for a Finance project, in UK, so we decided to move lock stock and barrel. Unlike our US adventure I now have the flexibility to work from any location so no more 120 miles each way drive (Sacramento to San Jose) or meeting once every two weeks (San Jose to Boise, Idaho). I can be the 'working from home' Dad while Praji goes to work ;-).

The overall idea is to tour U.K. and Europe this time while working here.

The geek in me also gets to revel in first world pleasures like Internet speeds that are worth the money you pay and getting hands on gadgets that are either simultaneously released here or released soon after. Hopefully, it will also give me more opportunities to participate in community related stuff too.

Only thing is, our first impression on Swindon was - 'Woah! this is Nampa, Idaho all over again'. But sparse population I guess its easier to adapt to, than adjusting to teeming millions back at home :D. Eitherways we are in Swindon, UK, probably for more than a few months, I am going to enjoy myself!

P.S. I also realized I have a big set of Twitter Friends from UK, hopefully I'll be able to reach out and meet up with some of them while I am here.