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What do you do with a failed Project Manager!


By Sumit

Make him the production support guy!!!

That's the message I got from my manager shortly before I left India.

Couple of months back I had blogged about how a Coder turned Project Manager bungles his way. Well it was biographical! Needless to say once the project failed I lost all support from everywhere including my immediate boss and my team who blamed me for everything. No complaints there I did commit a big bunch of goof-ups. So in the end I was told I would now be responsible for the project that I had bungled from the client side and the people to whom we delivered the botched application would now look up to me to support it as it struggles to live up to user expectations.

No complaints now, this is like getting back into familiar territory. After all I am best friends with code. I understand them and they understand me and we don't blame each other for failures. We simply work in tandem to improve things. Starting monday September 8th it will be just me and the code (and some not very happy users)...


(Sorry folks, for sometime in future you won't be hearing about me trying to become a project manager any more)