The Lazy Blogger

Finally Upgraded my PC


I've wanted to upgrade my PC from the ancient Celeron 700 with about 300Megs of RAM to something better for a while now. So finally when in Kolkata for Nemo's B'Day celebration when my Dad's P4's HDD crashed, I got a chance to revisit my friendly neighbourhood computer parts supplier. I've been assembling my own PCs for about a decade now. In the recent past I had the opportunity to ogle at the Mac Mini running OS X at a friends' place in US. Back in India, one window shopping tour thru an Apple store and the G5 was a great temptation. Still the fact that I make my living working on MS technology stack made the final decision pretty easy.

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Return to the blog


It has been over six months since I last blogged. How time flew past, I've little clues. From the colts making it to the finals and me getting assigned to a new .NET project in Fort Worth, TX; these were clear, rest is pretty much a blur...

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Better Roads... Better Humans... Better Taxation...


Last week I became a part of an interesting debate in on of the online groups I am a member of.

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Colts make it to the Superbowl FINALLY!!!


I started this blog with an account of my LA trip yesterday. At the time the Patriots were thrashing the Colts 21-3 in the first half. My strong conviction that Colts were destined for the superbowl was looking a little shaken... But then... in the dying minutes of the half, Colts pulled back a little with a field goal to leave the field at 21-6... two touchdowns away from the Patriots. On his way out Tony Dungy said - we need to make one touch down and get this down to a one score game... we'll take it from thereon...

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Solaris on x86, Fingerprint Protected CDs and another variation of Muphy's Law.


The day started as usual, me and my roomie making it to office at about 9 in the morning. First agenda of the day was to try and setup Solaris 10 on an x86 machine. Before that I had to face my boss to whom I sheepishly admitted that I had run out of permutations and combinations for installing the (!@#*&T) Sun Portal Server 7 on various flavours of Linux and that I was going to try installating it on Solaris.

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Lazy Saturday... American Football, Timeouts and TV commercials


Like always woke up close to noon on yet another lazy saturday... Had about an hour's time before the playoff game between the Colts and the Ravens got off to a start... so made scrambled eggs (because the omlette didn't come out the way I wanted it) and had it with bread for breakfast...

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Finally I start blogging


Finally I have moved my lazy bum enough to register for myself a blog space, registered a domain name and... I have my own site on the net.... next question... now what?

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