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Do you have a Big Data problem in your Enterprise?


Last week I co-presented a webinar for BodhTree. Title of the Seminar was ‘Is my problem a Big Data problem?’. Target audience were Enterprise BI Managers and C-Level executives, trying to understand if they had a Big Data problem at hand and what could be the steps to identify and then start off with their first Big Data project.

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HACKED! Trials of self hosting


Okay folks, for the last two days (April-May 2012) my domain was hacked and was showing a hackers' page!  As soon as I found out I redirected my domain to this blog instead of the hacked name servers of dotnet-host.

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Personal: Back to India


About four years ago I had written this post saying we had moved to USA for about a year! Well a year turned into two, then three and finally with the fourth year running we finally managed to moved back to India again :).

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Time Machine Backup and Restore Experience


Sometime back, I read Scott Hanselman’s post on how meticulous he is about it backup strategy. That kind of meticulousness ensures you don’t ever lose any data whatsoever and you downtime in case of disaster is a minimum. Well, today I realized that Backups can help you with upgrades as well. So I am going to share how my backup strategy helped me upgrade my Hard disk without any Software Reinstall. A little bit of background first (or you can jump straight to the Upgrade).

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A Minor Gotcha when using in MVC4


Yesterday I was playing around with the package from Nuget and found an interesting gotcha.

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Rant on Visual Studio Maintenance Experience


Warning: This is a Rant. I am waiting for my new VM to finishing patching itself. So spending time ranting here.

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Web Software Devs – Don’t build a Galloping Gertie


Woke up today morning (afternoon) to the news that Microsoft Store India’s site had been hacked and it’s plain text user passwords put up for everyone’s benefit!

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Changes are coming!!!


Dear readers, some exciting changes are coming to

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A Nice Surprise to start 2012


Hello All, Wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous 2012.

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Sumit Maitra

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Fun with @SignalR


This article has grown a little long in the tooth because SignalR has changed significantly since this was written more than a year ago. I recently co-wrote a new article with Suprotim Agarwal in the DNC Magazine. If you are a .NET Dev I strongly recommend you subscribe to this Free Bi-monthly Magazine. The source code for the article is on Github Repository of DotNetCurry. You can see the sample live here.

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Big Data and Introduction to Hadoop


Last weekend (October 29, 2011) I attended a training on Hadoop, arranged by my employer. It started on Friday afternoon ended Sunday evening, in 6 batches of 4 hours each. In the end, all 20 attendees had their brains spilling out of their ears, but each one of us had a blast! It was a fabulous series!

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