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Saving NSArray in iOS


This is quick and dirty post. It's more of a bookmark for me, because I find toggling between C# and Objective C makes me  terrible with Objective C if I am away from it for a month or so.

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Trip to the US East Coast


Last month we decided to take a 'break'...

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Steve Jobs


I updated the theme of my blog to the original Mac theme.

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Installing Windows 8 Developer Preview side-by-side existing Windows 7


Okay, so my last article was huge hit (by my standards). I was trying to setup Windows 8 Developer Preview on my Mac and thought of sharing the experience. Turns out lots of people were trying the same Smile.

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Setup Windows 8 Developer Preview as a VM on VirtualBox running on OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard)


Microsoft launched the Windows 8 Developer Preview today at the Build conference. If you like living on the bleeding edge of technology and want to play around with the release, you need a computer to do a clean install of Windows 8 DP. Fortunately if you don’t have a spare computer to mess with, Virtualization solutions are there to the rescue.

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Should Five year olds be allowed to play in a park with others of their age, without their parents around?


Today I saw something at our community park that’s kind of shaken me, surprised me and made me angry!

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How to make ASP.NET GridView emit proper tags


I know I know, ASP.NET WebForms is a passe and MVC is the king of the ring, but if you, like me, still have to work with legacy WebForm components then more often than not you'll need to use the GridView control. When using GridView control if you want to use jQuery and jQuery plugins to jazz up your grid, you'll hit a wall because the GridView control emit straight td tr instead of the more 'compliant' thead tr th and tbody tr td

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Why are .NET Devs in knots after Windows 8 demo?


Okay, I had to throw my hat in the ring/shit storm/tornado that's hit the .NET world after Microsoft demoed Windows 8. At the eye of the storm is the remark made during the demo implying HTML5 and Javascript tooling would be made available to developers to develop for Windows 8.

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Interview Questions I have collected


Okay, I am starting this article with the intention of blogging every good/bad/ugly question I come across in interviews for a .NET Developer position. Some of them I knew the answer, some of them I look up after the interview. Aim is to have a one stop shop of questions that I’ve come across in interviews. I can’t reveal where I was asked these questions because most companies have NDA with respect to interviews and what’s discussed in the interviews so some of the questions might be really come in much later than when asked.

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