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Dipping your feet into KnockoutJS Components


Last week I saw Steve Sanderson’s NDC 2014 talk on how to build large Single Page Applications using KnockoutJS and other tooling. It struck a chord because SPA is something that I am dealing with right now and really wanted to get neck deep into how to use KO and other tools to build one ‘correctly’.

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VisualStudio Online–Not for the travelling consultant


Microsoft, in my experience cannot integrate with payment systems. Last year, it took me ages to renew my Windows Developer Account, why because the card on the system had expired and they wouldn’t let me put in another one, until I got the CVV number of the expired card!!! (Yeah, I carry around expired cards by the dozens)!

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Getting Started with Train Modeling: My first Hornby Train and Layout


Train modeling is one of those geeky things that I have long aspired, but have never gotten to primarily due to time constraints. Also, I’ve been waiting for Junior to grow up enough to be able to enjoy it too and also I can justify (to better half) buying these things in his name ;-).

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Setting up my new Dev Rig and solving the DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION error


Last month I finally setup my new dev-rig. Yes, I still prefer desktops for development (call me old school)! The configuration is as follows:

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Installing and Configuring Service Bus for Windows Server (on Windows 8.1 + VS2013)


I was goofing around with the idea of Messaging Queue technologies on MS platform when I came across Service Bus for Windows Server. It’s an on-premise version of the Azure Service Bus. It has been around officially since October 2012 (coinciding with Office 365 launch). Basically SharePoint/O365 needed a Service Bus functionality so Microsoft extracted the Azure Service Bus implementation and made it available as a runtime on Windows 8 Servers.

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QuickBytes: ASP.NET InProc Session and Multiple Workers (don’t go well together)


Last week I hit an unusual roadblock while testing an ASP.NET MVC application. The application started behaving unpredictably and session state went haywire (returned null, flipped values etc. etc.).

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Nokia X: The illegitimate lovechild of AOSP and MS Services


So Nokia finally released the Nokia X series of Android phones, and at MWC no less. First up I have to own up that Ben Thompson was right about Nokia's Android intentions, and I was wrong. Though I still believe the deal does make sense from MS' perspective. Without Lumia brand WP is dead in the water. Whether MS should abandon Windows Phone is different topic (and if you must ask, I would say NO).

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QuickBytes: Who's afraid of Github? (Downloading code without cloning)


I often get mails requesting for code in zip files, even though almost all my code is in Github. The articles I wrote of and are pretty much all in their respective Github Repositories. Often newbies are a little confused/scared of Github and leave the sample alone assuming they have to do ‘complex’ things like have Github account/client to get the code.

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Why it is Windows vs. Mobile OS(es) and how OEMs are killing Windows


Sometime back I read an awesome story on how Microsoft turned it’s first OS licensing deal around and owned the PC market right under from IBM’s nose! It was a history of OS/2!

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