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One year with a MacBook Pro (Is the grass really greener…?)


It’s been a little over a year with my (then) prized purchase of a 13” MacBook Pro. You can read the initial impressions here

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The Blog a Week Challenge!


At beginning of the year, Wordpress was kind enough to send me a report of my Blog’s status. The saddest part of the report was the fact that I had blogged a total of 4 times in the year. It took a while to digest and actually before I could digest it Wordpress threw the Blog a Day and Blog a week challenge at all it’s bloggers.

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Hello Roku (and why I had to return my Apple TV)


I received my Roku HD box today yesterday. Funnily enough the packaging was ripped up by my 4 year old before I made it home from office, thankfully the contents were safe. It shipped from the Bay Area and arrived in Sac the next day thru standard shipping (USPS), so if you are in CA, I would say, don’t waste money on any other shipping option.

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How To: Edit in Datasheet View in Sharepoint without MS Office installed


Realized this interesting thing today. We know that all sharepoint lists have this “Edit in Datasheet View” shortcut that gives a nice grid interface in case you want to do bulk updates or deletes. However you will note it gives an error if you don’t have office installed on the machine you are accessing it from (for e.g. the development servers don’t usually have office). I found out if you install the AccessDatabaseEngine (free download) from MS, it will give you the edit in datasheet mode.

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Getting rid of SQL SERVER Transaction Logs in Dev Environment


Please note this article is ‘strictly’ applicable to Development (non-production) Environments.

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First time with a Mac


After a lot of waiting and contemplating, I finally took the dive and got my first personal laptop. As you might have guessed it's a Mac. It's a sweet little 13" MacBook Pro @2.53GHz, 4Gb, 250Gb.

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Yet another "Avatar" review


Just came back from Avatar 3D at Edwards IMAX theater, in Boise. In short - "Visually Spellbinding".

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The Chrome OS (and Google's plan to takeover the earth ;-) )


Okay, so the cat is out of the bag, Google has thrown the source code of it's Chromium 'OS' project open to community.

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Life - Status check


It is nearing end of June '09 and six months since I made my new year resolutions. So here I am taking stock of where I am with respect to the goals I had set for myself. 1. Spending time with family: this was on the top of the agenda. To be honest not much has changed with respect to the fact that I am staying away from my family. I have not found a better job closer to Idaho and neither has my wife tried to come closer in the bay area. Given that, the best case was to meet every weekend. Well in the past six months we have been in India for three weeks. That was a real vacation and I had a real good time with my kiddo. Apart from the vacation I've never missed my scheduled bi-weekly visits. I also ended up making three more. One in February one in April and on in June. Currently I am on my way home for a full week. I will be back in San Jose on the 6th July now. Thanks to my company's bi-annual maintenance shutdown. Though Praji does not have leave the fact that I will be spending another week with my Nemo is simply too good. Overall I'll rate myself 2.5 out of 5 with respect to fulfilling my aim of spending more time with family.

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Using the iPhone 3GS


Finally I have the long cherished iPhone. A spanking new 32 Gb 3GS. As I begin to use it as I want it, I am building the list of likes and dislikes. Some of the dislikes might be more of a usage issue some are genuine. So here goes: Likes: 1. The whole package of the phone. It's definitely one of the most beautiful phones around. 2. It's ability to seamlesly handle data and voice is amazing. It gets better when you are using wifi, it's simply seamless. 3. Attachment viewing is amazingly fast. This little guy was able to open a 1.8 mb PowerPoint attachment without batting an eyelid. It takes longer on a laptop. 4. AppStore is cool. So far I managed to get most of what I need without additional cost. Mint, BoA, Wordpress all pretty nifty tools. Deciding on which office tool to get among the two available: Datawiz and Quick something. 5. Camera: I know everyone is interested in this one. Well to be honest I did not buy it for any of the camera features but then you can't help talk about it. The first surprise was when the emailed images where only 800x600. I was confused because my 1.2MP LG Chocolate's camera used to take bigger images. Turns out it pulls a fast one on you by resizing them down to 800x600 automatically. Naughty Apple! should atleast give an option right? Specially if you are using your own home wifi there is no reason to resize it. Over 3G is understandable. After transferring them over the wire the images were indeed bigger. Quality of images are acceptable. They won't win a photography contest (unless it's an iPhone only contest) with it's soft and saturated images. I don't have surgeon's hands so low light photography is out of scope and so are indoor shots. Video: This was a BIG surprise. The quality of video is just amazing. Even though max resolution is VGA the frame rates are great resulting in crisp videos. The videos will can definitely give the regular point and shoots a run for their money.

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